So Cute!

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Liking this art… even jaking off to it does not make you a pedifile! This is not pedo related. It is simply cute and HOT! To see more like this you can go to

Little Girls are FUCKING HOT!!

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I know people freak out when you starting talking about child porn or molesting children.  I wonder some times if they freak out because they fear they desire this. We are taught in this world that children are not sexual and should never be looked at as such,  yet Disney sells sex to them all the time!! Growing up thinking sex is bad and that YOU ARE bad for thinking about and being exposed it it every waking moment is driving people mad!!  The truth of it is… We are sexual creatures no matter the age. As we evolve we see and are starting to accept this more and more.

I am in no way saying children should be raped or forced into things that hurt them or make them feel bad. I am saying that if they are sexual they need guidence.  Not to be told they are wrong but be told what is right and shown kindness and care.

Teen girls is the biggest fetish ever!! We all know it we all love it.. yet we pretend the 10 year old with pig tails is natural… BULL SHIT! teen girls want to be women and do not ware pigtails.. 8 year olds ware pigtails!! 😛 so what are we all pretending?!? … That that hot 18 year old dressed like a school girl is really a hot little 10 year old.  Ok some of you maybe pretending its a 13 year old and some … 5 your old or younger… 😛  Its not always that we are thinking of us  having the sex with her.. A lot of cases tend to be people remembering their youth and the youth in the pictures or moves… helps take them back there.

Child porn is illegal!  3D loli Porn is not!  It’s a way to get out your dreams and desires with out any danger of ever being arrested.  A way to live those fantasies and never actually do them, or relive your past.